Wrap up of the 2018 Fifa World Cup

Todd and Tyler wrap up the 2018 Fifa World Cup with thoughts on most surprising team, most disappointing team, what player impressed us the most, which disappointed us the most and much more!


Thoughts on Qatar 2022: [1:04-6:55]


Most surprising team: [7:04-8:25]


Most disappointed team: [8:26-9:34]


Most impressive player(s): [9:35-12:22]


Most disappointing player(s): [12:24-15:03]


Messi’s overall World Cup: [15:05-21:21]

England and Belgium’s best player: [21:25-28:20]

Belgium thoughts form Tyler: [28:30-34:20]

Best 11 from the WC: [35:03-43:43]

Worst 11 from the WC: [43:45-51:25]

Random Questions: [51:27-57:30]

Closing thoughts: [57:35-1:04:00]

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